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Audio Dust Jacket Volume 14

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MarvinBrownMarvin Brown/How to Meet and Talk to Anyone Anywhere…Anytime

Most people fear meeting and talking to strangers. The problem is they don’t know how! In this insightful and entertaining book, Marvin Brown provides simple, elegant and easy-to-use tools that people can use immediately to meet and talk to anyone, anywhere. The lessons in this book can change lives.

How to Meet

Audio Dust Jacket Volume 13

On This Episode of Audio Dust Jacket:

Mike HawkinsMike Hawkins/“SCOPE of Leadership” Book Series

Mike Hawkins is the award-winning author of “Activating Your Ambition: A Guide to Coaching the Best Out of Yourself and Others” (, a seasoned executive coach, and an expert in improving organizational performance. He is president of Alpine Link Corporation, (, where he is a respected practitioner, speaker, and thought leader on leadership, self-improvement, and business improvement. He is known for consistently leading organizations and individuals in higher level achievement.

Prior to founding Alpine Link, Mike developed his practical perspectives on leadership through his unique combination of experience in engineering, sales, and senior management. He has a rare blend of technical, operational, and leadership knowledge. He has worked in multiple industries, including management consulting, information technology, financial services, manufacturing, and construction. Mike developed the SCOPE of Leadership framework to help leaders break through their limitations and achieve higher levels of success. Few have practiced, studied, and coached on the topic of leadership to the extent Mike has.