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On This Episode of Audio Dust Jacket: Marvin Brown/How to Meet and Talk to Anyone Anywhere…Anytime Most people fear meeting and talking to strangers. The problem is they don’t know how! In this insightful and entertaining book, Marvin Brown provides simple, elegant and easy-to-use tools that people can use immediately to meet and talk to … [more]

On This Episode of Audio Dust Jacket: Mike Hawkins/“SCOPE of Leadership” Book Series Mike Hawkins is the award-winning author of “Activating Your Ambition: A Guide to Coaching the Best Out of Yourself and Others” (http://www.ActivatingYourAmbition.com), a seasoned executive coach, and an expert in improving organizational performance. He is president of Alpine Link Corporation, (http://www.AlpineLink.com), where … [more]

On This Episode of Audio Dust Jacket: Steve Jacobs /  The Behavior Break Through Steve Jacobs is chairman and senior partner of The Continuous Learning Group (CLG) consultancy, the largest behaviorally based management consulting firm in the world. Steve works with high-level executives from Fortune 500 companies who are ultimately accountable for the speed, return and sustainability of major strategic initiatives … [more]

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