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Tami Cannizzaro/Tales of the Terminated: A humorous Look at Life After Layoff

Tami Cannizzaro knows about the curves that life can throw at you. Author of the funny, poignant and always truthful Tales of the Terminated®: A Humorous Look at Life After a Layoff, Tami brings humor, hope and true-life tales to your event.Tami’s talk will have your audience smiling and laughing out loud as they realize they’re not alone in facing life’s many challenges.

Tales of the Terminated: A humorous Look at Life After Layoff: Stress, heartache, happiness, anger, sadness, boredom, loneliness and feeling less-than-successful are all emotions that follow the recently unemployed or underemployed around like a shadow. Nevertheless, Cannizzaro discovered there is another side to the story, a humorous side. Yes, funny things happen when you’ve been laid off.

“My experience showed me there is more to being laid off than simply losing a job,” said Cannizzaro, a veteran marketing and public relations professional.

“The stories in the book are mostly funny, sometimes poignant and are all based on things that happened to me.”The lessons in Tales of the Terminated will benefit readers of any age, but will especially resonate with those over forty.

Donna Hartney/The AHA! Handbook: How to spark the insights that will transform your life and career

Donna Hartney, Ph.D., is an expert in life-changing AHA!s and teaches others how to prime themselves for flashes of clarity that will transform their lives and careers—momentous epiphanies, pivotal realizations, profound insights. She is a performance consultant who works with global leaders and professionals at Fortune 500 companies. She earned her Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and lives with her family in Western New York.

The AHA! Handbook: How to spark the insights that will transform your life and career is the first research-based self-help book that teaches readers how to spark pivotal realizations. It counters conventional wisdom, which holds that momentous, life-altering AHA!s are rare events outside a person’s control.

Donna analyzed 99 published, first-hand accounts of transformational insights. For example, she analyzed how Nelson Mandela, Sandra Oh, Tracy Chevalier, and Norman Vincent Peale experienced powerful AHA!s that defined their careers. She analyzed how Nora Ephron, Emily Proctor, Blair Underwood, and Shonda Rhimes, experienced pivotal epiphanies that remade their relationships. She analyzed how Queen Latifah, Josh Hamilton, Maria Shriver, and Eckhart Tolle experienced profound insights that transformed their health and well-being.

The AHA! Handbook presents the results of that research interwoven with inspirational, real-life stories of lifechanging insights and practical advice. The book describes 21 actions readers can take to generate powerful, lifealtering realizations in their lives and careers. These actions fall into three phases: prime yourself to live life in a way that attracts pivotal realizations, watch for triggers to notice and leverage life’s insight-rich moments, and capture the value to tap the transformational power of an AHA! once it arrives.

Gerry Burke/Pest on the Run

Gerry Burke earned his stripes as a copywriter in the advertising industry, so his move to publishing was one he embraced with enthusiasm. He has a long-standing commitment to the horse racing community, late-night bars, and loose women (which inspired his comedic hero, Paddy). Gerry is single and lives in Melbourne, Australia.

Pest on the Run: Ask anyone who knows him: Paddy Pest is a real character. Paddy is an Australian crime fighter with a dubious Irish background, an overwhelming abundance of confidence, and a handful of bad habits. His enthusiasm for finding trouble is only exceeded by his incompetence. Fortunately, his pal and sometime sidekick, Stormy Weathers, is usually available to rescue him from his ill-advised forays into foolish and reckless situations-frequently involving the fairer sex. From Yvette Baguette, the delightfully French gendarme, to Paddy’s nemesis, Nadia Nickoff-the minx from Minsk-Paddy is a lady’s man all the way. Murder and mayhem are all in a day’s work for this Aussie crime fighter. He needs his wits to survive the onslaught of the disreputable rogues and villains who are out to get him. Paddy’s life is one big, unbelievable adventure after another. And now, he’s got a certain lady on a certain train who needs his help-or does she? The world needs someone like Paddy Pest-and if you doubt that, just ask him!