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Philip Jones/Worlds of the Crystal Moon: Ascendants of Ancients Sovereign

Phillip E. Jones was born in Raleigh, North Carolina in 1971. At the age of five, he was sent to Colorado to be raised by his Aunt Judy where he spent the majority of his youth in Empire. At the age of 14, Judy took Phillip to Broomfield, CO. This was where he spent the rest of his teen years attending Broomfield High School until he graduated in 1990 and then went on to join the United States Navy and served for five years as an air traffic controller.

Now residing in Las Vegas, NV, Phillip Jones began writing the Worlds of the Crystal Moon series in 2007 after he awoke from a nightmare. His dream was so vivid and such a compelling story that he sat down and wrote the first 80 pages in 36 hours. After selling 40,000 copies in Costco stores in 4 states and other outlets, Phillip joined forces with a team of investors to plan a worldwide release. Phillip has also worked with a number of highly qualified editors over the last year and a half to refine the story into the three book series that was released December 10, 2012.

As Creative Director for the WOTCM, Phillip plans to write three additional novels to complete his portion of the overall expansion of the Worlds of the Crystal Moon. Further, there will be offshoot stories that will be written by other authors who know the history of the WOTCM. These prequels will complement what Phillip has written, and they will make the Worlds of the Crystal Moon a massive, ongoing project. It is Phillip’s desire to see the Worlds of the Crystal Moon grow into a thriving franchise that owns hundreds of novels that are based on the storyline Phillip established. Scifi/Fantasy readers throughout the world will enjoy the Worlds of the Crystal Moon.

Worlds of the Crystal Moon: Ascendants of Ancients Sovereign:

Wars Ignite-Worlds Crumble-Souls Ascend After the conclusion of the Great Destruction of Everything Known, a new reality was created by a group of self-proclaimed gods who united and called themselves the Farendrite Collective. These beings range from prideful seekers of recognition,Bassorine (God of War), to devious manipulators of circumstance like Lasidious(God of Mischief). Amidst the carnage, three humans were spared the devastation that befell earth. Now, they wake to unfamiliar surroundings, Southern Grayhamis their new home, and they must save a world that is about to suffer the same fate as their planet. Sam Goodrich was a world-renowned doctor who fought an inner-demon that lurked within the deepest shadows of his mind. Sam always had to balance his commitment to the Hippocratic Oath against his desire to inflict pain inside the cages of mixed martial arts. Shalee Adamson was an unselfish, beautiful,stubborn, yet witty and loving woman who wanted to save the less fortunate.George Nailer was a self-proclaimed King of Deception whose only love was his daughter Abbie. With the fate of every being who lives on the worlds governed by the Crystal Moon in their hands, these three imperfect souls will be forced to live in service to the gods—a service the gods claim respects free will. With all lines blurred, welcome to the fantasy and chaos that is the Worlds of the Crystal

Darcy Eikenberg/Red Cape Revolution:Bring Your Superpowers to Work: Your Guide to More Clarity, Confidence and Control

Darcy Eikenberg, ACC, helps high performance professionals accelerate their leadership in ways that work for their organizations and for themselves. With a practical, real-life perspective, and with over 20 years’ experience working with top companies such as The Coca-Cola Company, Microsoft, Deloitte Consulting and State Farm, Darcy’s clients consistently grow to greater levels of clarity, confidence and control in their work and lives—all leading to better business results.

Before launching her own business, Darcy was a Principal at human resources consulting firm Hewitt Associates (now Aon Hewitt), where she served on both the Southeast and the North American Consulting Leadership teams. In those roles, she was accountable for developing and retaining talent, building managers and teams, and growing a healthy bottom-line. She also designed and led a national managers’ forum to share best practices and extend front-line learning, and created an internal coaching program specifically targeted to high potential associates and high revenue teams managing complex customer relationships.

Darcy is a popular speaker on career and leadership issues, working with organizations such as the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC),  the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), and the Risk Management Society (RIMS). She’s been quoted in the Harvard Business Review,, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Modesto Bee, and among others. Darcy is the past president of the Georgia Coach Association and earned her credentials through the International Coach Federation. She graduated from Northwestern University and lives in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. She welcomes hearing from you and supporting your success.

In addition to her coaching work with executives and leaders, Darcy founded career and success site ias a way to help successful professionals at all levels discover their “superpowers” and make a bigger difference in the new world of work. Her book, Bring Your Superpowers to Work: Your Guide to More Clarity, Confidence and Control is available on Amazon and You can download a free chapter and explore more free tips and tools at

Selisse Berry/Out and Equal at Work

Selisse Berry is Founding Executive Director of Out & Equal Workplace Advocates. Under her leadership, the organization has grown significantly with dramatic increases in attendance at the annual Workplace Summit and the expansion of programs and global initiatives. Selisse is a frequent speaker on workplace equality and has spoken across the United States and abroad including recent presentations in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Italy, Canada, Hungary, the West Indies, and Mexico. Her most recent awards include the Outstanding Hero Congressional Recognition from Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi; the Parks Award* in Rome, Italy; and the KQED Local Heroes Award** in San Francisco, California.  Selisse is the editor of Out & Equal at Work:  From Closet to Corner Office, Out & Equal’s new anthology of personal stories of executive trailblazers who have transformed the workplace for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people.

Selisse’s clear and unwavering vision has been instrumental in creating an international organization whose philosophy reflects the importance of treating all colleagues in the workplace with respect and dignity. Since her first job as a guidance counselor, Selisse has continued her commitment to justice as a teacher and as a leader of several social service organizations prior to founding Out & Equal Workplace Advocates. She has master’s degrees in  education and theology from the University of Texas and San Francisco Theological Seminary respectively. Selisse and her wife, Cynthia Martin, were legally married in California in 2008.

Out and Equal at Work:

A major transformation is happening in today’s workplace. This groundbreaking anthology chronicles personal narratives from lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and allied executive trailblazers who have conquered adversity and ushered in policies that  affirm and support the LGBT community in the workplace. Out & Equal at Work  profiles an advocacy organization located at the intersection of the private sector and the broader social movement: Out & Equal Workplace Advocates, and its visionary Founding Executive Director, Selisse Berry

Fred Fields/How Short Hitting Bad Golfers Break 90 All the Time

Fred Fields a 6 handicap golfer, author of “How Short Hitting Bad Golfers Break 90 All the Time“, which teaches golf strategies to lower scores with your current swing.  Also teaches a simple, effective, easy to use swing which does not require a lot of practice to perfect.  Retired after 40 years as president of The Columbia Co., a property management firm that managed 2000 apartments in Greater Columbia SC Area. Teaches property management at Spartanburg Community College and at Midlands Technical College.

Every golfer, from Tiger Woods down, wants to improve his game. The problem is that almost none of them know how to do it, except to take a bunch of expensive lessons, most of which won’t work.

This book takes any golfer by the hand, and step-by-step, shows him what to do, how to do it, and WHY to do it.

Only 103 pages, it is written in plain, non-technical language, and is filled with jokes and stories to hold the reader’s interest.

The perfect gift for any golfer, it teaches how to hit the ball straight, how to putt better, and many other tips. But most important, it teaches basic strategies that will improve the golfer’s scores without changing his swing