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Audio Dust Jacket Volume Two

Audio Dust Jacket Volume Two features:

Rick Polson/Making a Superstar Company

Anne Sweazy Kulju/The Thing With Feathers

Anne Sweazy Kulju has won awards for editorials and honors for short stories; now she writes historical fiction adventures. Anne lives near Pacific City, Oregon, where she is writing her third book, and divides her free time between the beach and Mount Bachelor. Readers may learn more about Anne and correspond with her on her website at

Anne, her husband and daughter, transplanted from Southern California to the Oregon Coast in 1990. They landed in the coastal hamlet of Cloverdale, where they completed restoration-slash-conversion of their 1906 Victorian farmhouse into a Bed & Breakfast Inn. Ms. Kulju published a recipe book for the Inn that also provided local history, stories and facts. Later on she contributed a series of articles about the area to a regional travel magazine. This earned her the award for Best Editorial Contribution. Her two short stories, “Not Quite Dead,” and, “A Party Favor,” were published and later earned inclusion in the anthology for horror fiction, Agony in Black. Recently, Ms. Kulju took honors in a flash fiction contest held by The Source Magazine, for her short story, “The Dog Sniffer-er“. On January 2nd, the short- short fiction piece was selected by U.K.‘s Flurries of, as their featured, “FLASH FICTION AT FIVE.” Ms. Kulju and her husband of twenty-four years, live in Pacific City, Oregon.

Raven Storm/Loving the Addict

Raven Storm is a 35 year old Licensed Cosmetologist from Chicago, Illinois. Single, she has long dark hair and hazel green eyes, slender and stands 5′”7 in her bare feet.  Raven is the only child from divorced parents. Growing up she lived a very sheltered life. From the time she was a little girl, Raven was raised in and out of hair salons mainly because of her mother who was a nail technician and would take Raven to work with her. The first dollar she ever made was folding towels for her boss. She still has that dollar to this day. Raven had many jobs growing up from babysitting, to waitressing /bartending to working in an intimate apparel store. She thinks the most interesting of all was working for an adult entertainment store selling sex toys and apparel. Raven became engaged to her first love when she was 17. Raven left high school in her sophomore year and attended night school. After graduation she followed her dream and went to Cosmetology School where she graduated top of the class. Raven leads a very exciting life of travel, romance, and working as a manager for a major hair corporation. She is a huge animal lover and domestic violence advocate. Raven is passionate, creative and very spiritual. She loves shoes – “the higher the heel the better.”

Dean Tong/Elusive Innocence

Dean Tong is an internationally known trial consultant and expert witness in cases of contentious divorce, child custody and contested abuse charges, nationally. Tong has authored three books – including his critically acclaimed Elusive Innocence which has garnered rave reviews at, and a peer-reviewed scientific article published in The American Journal of Family Therapy on the necessity of sexual interest testing when men are accused of child sexual abuse. Dean Tong has been retained as an expert by parents and attorneys in court cases from all 50 states and Canada. His work challenges the reliability and validity of well meaning but misguided child protection workers, therapists and the like in family, criminal and juvenile court cases. He has presented at conferences in multiple states as well as Toronto and Saskatchewan in Canada. Through his work, Tong has impacted changes in the child abuse laws in Florida. He has appeared on countless broadcast shows including CNN, Court-TV, Dateline, ABC Prime Time Live, CBS 48 Hours, and Dr. Phil as well as KABC, WOR, The Talk America Channel, Lars Larsen Show, Focus On The Family, et al. And he’s given interviews that have been published in Rolling Stone Magazine, Boston Globe, Christian Science Monitor, Washington Post,, and He has appeared as an expert commentator for Court-TV, MSNBC, Fox News Radio and WLW in the Casey Anthony case, Michael Jackson case, Kobe Bryant case, and Jon Benet Ramsey case. His primary web site is